Vapour barrier


AIRSTOP DIVA + FIBER Product description

is a moisture-variable vapour barrier for use in the air-tight layer. The functional membrane changes its diffusion
resistance depending on the current humidity. During the winter months room atmosphere is generally
dryer. The sd-value of the vapour barrier increases. This process results in the penetration of only a little water
vapour into the construction and/or into the insulation. In summer, when there is sufficient solar insolation,
the relative humidity behind the membrane is higher as a result of reverse diffusion. The water molecules
are stored in the membrane. The sd-value sinks, causing more water vapour to escape from the construction
and into the rooms and the building element becomes dryer.

Product details

  • Roll dimension: 1,50 m x 50 m
  • Weight:     104 g/m²
  • sd-value:      0,05 m bis >30 m
  • Colour:         grey transparent with blue print
  • pallet:       1,50 m - 24 rolls (1.800 m²)

Recommended accessories



Product data sheet_AIRSTOP DIVA+ ‘fabric-reinforced’_EN.pdf