Wall insulation - interior insulation, exterior insulation:

In addition to new buildings, a facade renewal or the replacement of windows would be an appropriate time to think about wall insulation.

Wall insulation will reduce heating energy in winter and ensure heat protection in summer.

An exterior insulation of the building offers the advantage that the thickness of the wall insulation is not limited and thermal bridges can be avoided. If, however, the facade must be preserved, an interior insulation is to be preferred.

ISOCELL GmbH offers you the suitable façade path and wind seal as a perfect complement to your wall insulation. Windproof façade construction to prevent damage to building.
OMEGA Wind Seal    
OMEGA Facade Lining G20    
OMEGA FA Facade Lining G50    
OMEGA Color Facade Lining    
OMEGA UVKB Facade Tape    
OMEGA FB Window Tape    
Epdm sealing strip    
OMEGA Aluminium-Butyl pipe Sleeves and Corrugated Pipe Sleeves    
OMEGA Nail-seal Tape / DSK    
AIRSTOP BB Bitumen Rubber tape    
OMEGA Liquid Sealing Compound    
PE Nail-seal Tape DSK    
Cellulose blown insulation    
OMEGA SD10 Dampfbremse    
AIRSTOP SD18 Vapour Barrier    
ÖKO NATUR Vapour Barrier    
FH Vapour Barrier ‘fabric-reinforced’    
FH Fleece Vapour Barrier    
TIMBERTEX Vapour Barrier    
AIRSTOP VAP Vapour Barrier    
AIRSTOP 1500 Vapour Barrier    
AIRSTOP DLP Compressed Air Gun    
AIRSTOP Hand Applicator – for universal use    
OMEGA DB Sealing Tape    
OMEGA Liquid Joint tape    
OMEGA PoBit    
UNI - Primer    
UNI - Sprayprimer    
BUBI LF Adhesive Primer    
Pressing roller 40mm, cellular rubber    
AIRSTOP ADC Cleaning Agent for Adhesives    
UNI MS Sealant-Adhesive    
BUTYL Stretch Flex    
Timberflex Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP FLEX Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP KB Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP ELAStO Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP Ultra Adhesive Tape    
OMEGA AB Aluminium tape    
AIRSTOP Sealing Plaster Patches    
AIRSTOP ELASTO Dichtpflaster    
AIRSTOP Cable Sleeve D1 / DD3    
AIRSTOP Conduit Sleeve GD 2    
AIRSTOP Pipe Sleeve    
AIRSTOP Sleeve for Flexible Pipes    
AIRSTOP plasto tape    
P-Seal – Seal for construction elements    
ST - Sealant of thresholds and wall joints    
LVD EPDM Cellular Rubber    
Impact sound insulation made of cellular/solid rubber    
Adhesive paste 3300