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The ISOCELL house

Designed with cellulose insulation and air-tight systems

ISOCELL, the Austrian specialist for cellulose insulation and air-tightness has made itself a name on the European construction sector with an innovative and perfectly coordinated product system, superior service and advisory expertise. In addition to cellulose insulation and the relevant blowing technology the product range also features roofing membranes, wind seals, vapour barriers and bonding and sealing systems. Our own consistent research and development as well as constant cooperation with research institutes and universities form the basis for continuous development of the product system and the significant lead in know-how. The company, founded in 1992 in Neumarkt am Wallersee has been a market leader for years on the domestic market and also as one of the major suppliers in Europe. Meanwhile, with five of its own cellulose plants and a continually growing network of distribution partners, ISOCELL is on the course for expansion.