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Specialist for cellulose insulation and air-tighntess

As a specialist for cellulose insulation and airtightness ISOCELL has dedicated itself to two of the most important issues in the field of the energy efficient building shell. We have been supplying and developing solutions for new constructions and renovations on the low-energy and passive house sector for over 25 years.  All products in the ISOCELL system range are perfectly coordinated solutions for specific and professional application in all insulation and sealing work. We ISOCELLERS attach great importance to professional advice. Over 25 years’ experience in the installation of blown insulation and air-tight systems, over 600 air-tightness measurements at building sites annually, our own consistent research as well as constant cooperation with research institutes and universities form the basis for the expansion of our product systems and the status of ISOCELL’s expertise that is unique in Europe.ISOCELL controls the European distribution of its solution systems from the company headquarters in Neumarkt. At the same location is the training center for sales partners, the ISOCELL Academy, that has also established itself in the branch as a platform for systematic transfer of know-how with over 500 participants a year at workshops for experts and discussion events. Production of the cellulose insulation is carried out in our own five plants at Hartberg (Austria). Schoppen (Belgium), Plourin-lès-Morlaix and Servian (both in France) and since 2013 also in Tibro (Sweden).

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