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You are an ISOCELLER or you are not

Our friendly and dedicated team is called ISOCELLERS. People count with "edges and corners" at our company. But also individual commitment and passion are important. We operate with flat hierachies and take desicions straight. We welcome commited people who are thinking along the same lines.

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“When I insulate well the technology is not important.“

Kay Künzel is expert for green architecture

He counts on passive houses and energy-efficient construction and is an approved expert for acoustic and thermal protection. And: Kay Künzel cannot understand the culture of questioning “When does it pay off?“ with regard to house construction. “I don’t ask this question when I buy a pair of pants, either.“


Once upon a time there was a prototype…

Isocell's machine technology has developed significantly in recent years — thanks in no small part to a timber builder from Germany.


Building on gut feeling

Wolfram Reisinger is one of the founding fathers of ISOCELL. In our interview, the application engineer and standardisation committee member explains why he doesn't understand many homebuilders, and why alternative building physics are the secret of his success.


A family recipe against climate change

When Tanja Blechinger joined ISOCELL she was an apprentice, and company founder Anton Spitaler`s only colleague. Today she is the company`s longest-serving employee – and head of the material planning department. A portrait.

Every morning there is a small fight at ISOCELL. Really, a fight? OK, that's a rather negative word. Instead, let's call it a friendly contest between two people who know the company better than most, because they have been here the longest. It is an argument about who arrived at work first. The opponents: Managing Director Anton Spitaler and the head of material planning, Tanja Blechinger.