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Innovative ecologists

Grey is the new green

We offer genuine, honest quality. And we know what we are talking about. Our solutions are competent, dedicated and above all not off the shelf. We are creative. Simply ecologically innovative. Just like our cellulose insulation material. It made us Europe‘s first ‛eco eccentrics‘.


25 years Isocell

ISOCELL is celebrating a birthday. For the past 25 years the company has been committed to delivering a more sustainable future in house building. On this anniversary, the founder and managing director, Anton Spitaler, talks about the role of clients as pioneers and future possibilities.


Constant creation

Schafferer Holzbau has been working with wood for almost 60 years. More recently, the company decided to specialise in prefabrication — in part, thanks to inspiration from abroad.


The perfect cycle

Recovered paper is recycled six times before it becomes cellulose insulation. And cellulose insulation can be blown-in up to three times. Yet even then the cellulose is far from worthless. In fact, it may still be extremely useful — as a fertiliser for agriculture. Project leader Prof. Dr. med. Konrad Steiner on a pioneering recycling scheme that completes the cycle for the raw material, wood.


Hugely innovative

The architect Simon Speigner implements prototype projects based on the Passive House Standard. An ecological building designed by him became a pilgrimage destination for planners from all over the world. At his office location, he now runs an in-house hydroelectric power plant.

If your great-grandfather and grandfather were lumberjacks and your father was a carpenter,it seems almost inevitable that you'll also end up working with wood. Simon Speigner became an architect — and decided to use wood early on due to his family history. "It was also logical to work with wood because of our focus on ecological construction," he says. Also, it soon became clear that building with Passive House technology would make a lot of sense. 


The timber house – eco was yesterday.

Wood construction booms

And Zenz Holzbau GmbH, who is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, knows this too. Managing Director Georg Zenz knows why the demand is constantly increasing. Working with the raw material wood is a family tradition in Eggenberg, Salzburg. A tradition introduced by Georg Zenz senior 60 years ago, continued by his son, Georg junior, and now today on the threshold to its third generation with Michael Zenz, who last year completed his studies as master of his trade.


“When I insulate well the technology is not important.“

Kay Künzel is expert for green architecture

He counts on passive houses and energy-efficient construction and is an approved expert for acoustic and thermal protection. And: Kay Künzel cannot understand the culture of questioning “When does it pay off?“ with regard to house construction. “I don’t ask this question when I buy a pair of pants, either.“