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A promise is a promise.

A promise is a promise.

Responsible for blowing technology at ISOCELL is Herbert Kriechhammer. Besides blowing machines, a complete system is supplied. That makes total sense, but was not always so. “We started in 1996 and at that time there were hardly any machines on the market that were manufactured well, were quick and performance-oriented. Our partners‘ machines often did not function. And so we began to construct blowing machines ourselves.“

This step has stood the test of time. Meanwhile there is a wide product range of blowing machines. Wide because customers have varying needs. The smaller machines are used in the field of renovation, the normal size at construction sites. ‟The various machine sizes have a reason and a background. Also the size of vehicle used by the installers. It is not possible to drive up to the site with a truck in every city. Conditions vary from country to country, for example France with pointed roofs, and of course economic reasons. In Poland it is difficult to invest in a machine because work power is quite inexpensive.“ according to Kriechhammer. Research and development are carried out in-house and at present very intensely in the field of stationary large-scale production plants. ‟It must be possible for a customer to only press a button in order to have components completely filled.“ That is Kriechhammer’s aim. ‟More and more timber engineers decide to purchase a big bale system themselves. That is the trend. And as always in past years, we are well prepared.” A promise is a promise.


The wood-whisperer 1

The wood-whisperer

The wood workers` fear of university 1

The wood workers` fear of university