Adhesive technology

BUTYL Stretch flex

BUTYL Stretch flex Product description

For the easy, permanent sealing of penetrations such as rafters at wall junctions, chimneys, ventilation pipes and electrical conduits. Highly suitable for sealing of irregular shapes, such as purlins etc. can adapt to any shape. 300% expandable Thickness: 2 mm Working temperature: from +5° C

Product details

  • Roll width: 50 mm | 80 mm | 100 mm
  • Roll length: 10 m
  • Carton content: 50 mm - 6 rolls | 80 mm, 100 mm  - 4 rolls


ANWENDUNGSVIDEO: Dauerhaftes Abdichten von Durchdringungen mit BUTYL Dehnflex | 1:30min


Product data sheet_BUTYL Stretch Flex_ EN.pdf