Adhesive technology

AIRSTOP ELASTO adhesive tape

AIRSTOP ELASTO adhesive tape Product description

Highly malleable, fabric-reinforced, Pe adhesive tape with a generous high quality acrylate adhesive layer for airtight sealing of overlapped membrane joints and wire and pipe penetrations.
Working temperature: from -5°C

Product details

  • Roll width: 50 mm   | 60 mm   |  100 mm | 150 mm | 200 mm
  • Roll length:  25 m
  • Carton contents: 7 rolls | 6 rolls | 4 rolls |           2 rolls 


ANWENDUNGSVIDEO: luftdichte Verklebung von Durchdringungen mit AIRSTOP ELASTO Klebeband

ANWENDUNGSVIDEO: Verarbeitung von Dampfbremsen; luftdichte Verklebung - AIRSTOP ELASTO Klebeband


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