Adhesive technology

OMEGA Aluminium-Butyl FRGD pipe sleeves and corrugated pipe sleeves

OMEGA Alu-Butyl FRGD Pipe Sleeves and Corrugated Pipe Sleeves Product description

For the permanent airtight sealing of penetrations around pipes. For use on softfibreboard, concrete, roof underlay etc., indoors and outdoors. If necessary, use a primer!

Product details

Width/ Length

  • FRGD 100: 350 x 350 mm
  • FRGD 150: 350 x 350 mm

For penetrations

  • FRGD 100: 100 - 125 mm
  • FRGD 150: 150 - 165 mm

Carton Content

  • 4 Pcs



Product data sheet_OMEGA Alu- Butyl Foldable Conduit Sleeve FRGD_EN.pdf
Product data sheet_OMEGA Alubutyl Rohrmanschette RGD_EN.pdf