Adhesive technology

OMEGA N55 Adhesive

OMEGA N55 Adhesive Product description

For windproof and watertight bonding/sealing of UV-resistant façade membranes as well as the bonding/sealing of OMEGA UDO-s 330 roof underlay to each other as well as adhering it to concrete, wood and sheet metal. (Cold welding effect). 

Product details

  • Content: 2,00 kg can |  4,50 kg can
  • Colour: yellowish
  • Coverage: 40 g / m


ANWENDUNGSVIDEO: Verklebung OMEGA UDOs 330 Dachbahn mit OMEGA N55 | 1:28min


OMEGACOLOR OMEGAFAFassadenbahnG50 OMEGAFassadenbahnG20 OMEGA-UDOs-330 


Product data sheet_OMEGA N55_EN.pdf