Adhesive technology

AIRSTOP BB Bitumen Rubber Tape

AIRSTOP BB Bitumen Rubber Tape Product description

Bitumen rubber, permanently elastic with a self-adhesive backing. Particularly suitable for sealing problematic joints between interior steel purlins and plates to concrete walls and concrete substrates. Highly suitable for sealing plywoods, osb, fi breboards and softboards in and around roof junctions, as well as external corner details around window sill areas. Divided backing strip makes it easy to manipulate into and around corners.

Thickness: 1.5mm
Working temperature: from -10°C

Product details

  • Roll width: 100 mm | 150 mm | 200 mm | 300 mm
  • Roll length: 10 m
  • Liner division: 50/50 | 75/75 | 100/100 | 150/150
  • Carton contetns: 10 rolls |  6 rolls |  5 rolls | 1 roll


Product data sheet_AIRSTOP BB Bitumen rubber tape_EN.pdf