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OMEGA MONO 200 roof underlay

OMEGA MONO 200 roof underlay Product description

OMEGA MONO 200 roof underlay
OMEGA MONO 200 SK DUO roof underlay

An extremely diffusive roof underlay for installation directly on the thermal insulation or wood sheathing. The monolithic membrane guarantees higher UV resistance and far higher resistance to driving rain. Vapour transmission through the functional film is no longer a result of capillary conduction but transport is active from the interior to the exterior through the non-porous membrane. Water-tightness and UV-resistance are therefore retained even under the influence of wood preservative, chain saw oil or resin.

Product details

  • Roll dimensions: 1,50 m x 50 m
  • Roll dimensions SK DUO: 1,50 m x 50 m
  • Weight:: 200 g/m²
  • Sd-value: approx. 0,10 m
  • UV stability: 12 weeks
  • colour: grey
  • pallet: 1,50 m - 20 rolls (1.500 m²)

Recommended accessories

Klebepaste 3300 OMEGANageldichtbandDSK  OMEGAQUILLI PENageldichtbandDSK 


Product data sheet_OMEGA MONO 200_EN.pdf
Product data sheet_OMEGA MONO 200 SK DUO_EN.pdf
Declaration of performance (.PDF)