Vapour barrier

AIRSTOP DIVA vapour barrier

AIRSTOP DIVA vapour barrier Product description

A moisture-variable vapour barrier and airtight membrane. The ability of this membrane to diffuse moisture back into the living area varies/changes depending on the surrounding climatic conditions. It enables a high degree of drying out towards the interior of the structure during the “drying out” months, particularly suitable for non-diffusive wall and roof makeups. Please pay attention to data sheet and guidelines for suitable applications and installation!

Product details

  • Roll dimensions: 3,20 m x 40 m | 3,00 m x 100 m | 3,20 m x 100m
  • Weight: 86 g/m²
  • sd-value: ≤0,5 - ≥30 m
  • Colour: white transparent
  • Pallet: 40lfm - 20 rolls (2.560 m²) | 100 lfm - 16 rolls (4.800 m² | 5.120 m²)

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Product data sheet_AIRSTOP DIVA_EN.pdf
Declaration of performance (.PDF)