Adhesive technology

OMEGA PoBit Sealing Compound

OMEGA PoBit Sealing Compound Product description

Sealant for outdoor use and can be applied by brush. The water-based compound is particularly suitable for creating jointless seals in critical spots in window areas, as a second drainage level below window sills, at penetration points and in the outer wall area against pressureless subsiding water; ideal for temporary seals of solid wood elements at wall openings and end - grain areas. OMEGA PoBit sealing compound bonds with many surfaces such as wood, concrete, aerated concrete, metal, polyester, wallboard, expanded foam panels (EPS, XPS,PUR). Coverage: 1,5 kg/m² x mm thickness of layer Working temperature: from +5°C

Product details

  • Content: 10 kg
  • Working temperature: +5°C   -   +35°C
  • UV-resistance: permanent
  • Colour: black


OMEGAPoBiHaertungsbeschleuniger OMEGA-PoBit-Bewehrungsband 


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