Adhesive technology

Epdm sealing strip

Epdm sealing strip Product description

This is an elastic rubber sealing strip made from ePDM rubber polymer with a low water vapour transmission factor. The sealing strip has a structured surface on both sides for optimum bonding.

Bonding with: Adhesive paste 3300
Epdm sealing strip SK: Additional charge for acrylic adhesive strips € 0.46/m

Individual widths from 50mm - 1,700mm available on request

Product details

  • Roll width: 100 mm  | 150 mm  |  200 mm  | 300 mm (Individual widths from 50mm - 1,700mm available on request)
  • Roll length: 25 m
  • Thickness: 0,75 mm  | 1 mm
  • Contents: 4 rolls | 2 rolls | 1 roll

Recommended accessories

Klebepaste 3300 


Product data sheet_Trelleborg EPDM sealant tape_EN.pdf