Window tapes

ISOWINDOW F11 Interior

ISOWINDOW F11 Interior Product description

A quick and effective vapour tight (Non vapour permeable) seal for window junctions
indoors. The tape consists of a 3-layer fl eece vapour barrier with two integrated
acrylic adhesive strips. The self-adhesive fi xing strips permits easy and concealed
installation of the foil tape that can be plastered or painted over.
Working temperature: from -5°C

Product details

  • Roll width 75 mm / 100 mm
  • Roll length: 25 m
  • Colour: aluinum /beige
  • Carton contents: 5 rolls (75 mm) / 3 rolls (100 ml)


Product data sheet_Isowindow F11 IE_EN.pdf
Product data sheet_Isowindow F11 IW_EN.pdf