Window tapes


ISOWINDOW F1 Interior Product description

A quick and effective vapour tight (Non vapour permeable) seal for window junctions indoors. The tape consists of a 3-layer fl eece vapour barrier. The selfadhesive fixing strip permits easy and concealed installation of the foil tape to the window frame. The other side of the tape is bonded to the wall with Airstop sprint. The tape can be plastered or painted over.
Working temperature: from -5°C

Product details

  • Roll width: 50 mm | 75 mm | 100 mm | 150 mm
  • Roll length: 25/50 m
  • Colour: aluminum / beige
  • Carton contents: 7 | 5 | 3 | 2


Product data sheet_ISOWINDOW F1 IE_EN.pdf
Product data sheet_ISOWINDOW F1 IW_EN.pdf