Heat insulation for roof and attic

Heat loss can be reduced not only on the facade but also especially on the roof. Because of bad insulation oft he attic, valuable energy is lost. For reduction of heating costs and environmental protection the insulation of the roof would be essential.

The roof insulation and the attic insulation are to be distinguished.

As warm air rises, the roof insulation fulfills a simple purpose: it keeps the heat in the house. In the case of uninhabited roofs, this can happen at the top floor (roof insulation). If housing is needed, on the roof itself (roof insulation).

In addition to the insulation, roofing membranes or formwork lanes are used to protect the roof construction from the ingress of moisture. The roofing membrane protects your thermal insulation, from impact and prevents a rotting of the material.
A steam brake prevents the penetration of moisture from the warm interior air into the thermal insulation of the building and thus the formation of harmful condensation in the thermal insulation.

We offer you all the necessary materials and equipment for a long-lasting and professional roof insulation of your home!






Bonding Technology

OMEGA Alu-Butyl GD2 Pipe Sleeves and Corrugated Pipe Sleeves    
OMEGA Alu-Butyl RGD Pipe Sleeves and Corrugated Pipe Sleeves    
UNI XL Primer Spray    
OMEGA PoBit PLUS Spray Paste    
TIMBER Protect SK    
PE NDB Nail-Seal Tape ESK    
AIRSTOP VBB Fleece Bitumen Rubber Tape    
OMEGA 125 Roof underlay    
AIRSTOP FLEX FL Adhesive Tape black    
OMEGA UDOs 330 Roof underlay    
OMEGA MONOTOP 330 SK DUO Roof underlay    
OMEGA MONO 230 SK DUO roof underlay    
OMEGA MONO 200 Roof underlay    
OMEGA 180 Roof underlay    
OMEGA LIGHT Roof Underlay    
OMEGA DRAINY PLUS Roof underlay    
OMEGA Alu-Butyl FRGD Pipe Sleeves and Corrugated Pipe Sleeves    
OMEGA UDOs Pipe sleeve    
OMEGA NDB Nail-seal Tape ESK / DSK    
OMEGA UDOs Outside corner    
AIRSTOP BB Bitumen Rubber Tape    
PE Nail-seal Tape DSK    
OMEGA QUILLI Sealing compound    
Cellulose blown insulation    
OMEGA N55 Adhesive    
OMEGA QSM Welding compound    
OMEGA SD10 Vapour barrier    
AIRSTOP SD18 Vapour Barrier    
ÖKO NATUR Vapour Barrier fabric-reinforced    
FH NATUR Vapour barrier fabric-reinforced    
FH FORTE Fleece Vapour Barrier    
TIMBERTEX Vapour Barrier    
AIRSTOP DIVA Vapour barrier    
AIRSTOP DIVA+ Vapour barrier fabric-reinforced    
AIRSTOP VAP Vapour Barrier    
AIRSTOP 1500 Vapour Barrier    
AIRSTOP SD50 Vapour barrier    
AIRSTOP DLP Compressed Air Gun    
AIRSTOP HSP Hand Applicator    
UNI Primer    
UNI Primer Spray    
BUBI LF Adhesive Primer    
AIRSTOP ROLL Pressing roller    
AIRSTOP ADC Cleaning Agent for Adhesives    
BUTYL Stretch Flex    
AIRSTOP ROLL Pressing roller conical    
Timberflex Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP FLEX Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP SOLID SD23 Vapour barrier    
AIRSTOP KB Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP ELASTO Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP ULTRA Adhesive Tape    
AIRSTOP Sealing Plaster Patches    
AIRSTOP ELASTO Sealing Plaster    
TIMBERFLEX Sealing Plaster Patches    
AIRSTOP D1 / DD3 Cable Sleeve    
AIRSTOP GD2 Conduit Sleeve    
AIRSTOP RGD Pipe Sleeve    
AIRSTOP FRGD Sleeve for Flexible Pipes