ISOCELL - CELLULOSEVEZEL productbeschrijving

Cellulose blow-in insulation – blown insulation made from newspapers ISOCELL cellulose blow-in insulation is a thermal insulation made from cellulose fibres which is produced from newspaper in an optimal recycling process. Therefore, the raw material for ISOCELL is wood, the excellent properties of which have been known to us for centuries. Production of ISOCELL takes place in Austria, in one of the most modern plants in Europe. The newspaper is delivered pre-sorted, is roughly torn, mixed with mineral salts and ground in a mill. The flock obtained in this process is fire-resistant. It is rot-proof and resistant to vermin and mould. Production is subject to strict quality standards and undergoes internal and external quality control to maintain German, Austrian and European technical approval. The long-fibre flock impresses with its extremely low coefficient of thermal conductivity and its ability to settle without sinking, even when the layer of insulation is very thick. ISOCELL is non-toxic, contains no harmful substances or additives, is pleasantly soft and warm to the touch. It does not irritate or damage the skin and for this reason it rates as a friendly insulation. Licensed ISOCELL specialist companies blow the cellulose fibre into the cavities with the aid of special blowing machines. The cellulose fibres mat inside the construction to form a perfectly fitting insulation mat that is jointless and settles well.


ISOCELL Production of cellulose insulation | 4:24min


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