GRANUBLOW productbeschrijving

GRANUBLOW core insulation – ideal insulation material for the subsequent insulation of double-shell masonry.

Areas of application
The insulation is used for old buildings, behind curtain-wall facing on detached houses or apartment buildings. The insulation material can be blown in or poured in and is installed only by approved specialist companies.

GRANUBLOW is hydrophobic, which means it is water-repellent and guarantees a dry insulation layer, even when there is wind-driven rain and a wet outer shell. In addition, the insulation is resistant to rotting. GRANUBLOW retains its volume even when there are heavy vibrations: it is dust-free and efficient in use in addition to being outstanding value for money. A very good lamda-value of 0,033.

GRANUBLOW core insulation guarantees a pleasant room climate: cosily warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. Insulation can take place at any time and saves time and costs. It fits easily into all irregular shapes of construction and leaves no gaps. GRANUBLOW is hydrophobic (water-repellent), rot-resistant and guarantees a dry insulation layer, even in the case of driving rain and a wet outer shell.