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OMEGA DRAINY PLUS Membrany dachowe

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An extremely diffusive roof underlay designed for use under metal covering. It is equipped with 3-dimensional polypropylene mesh fabric and is laid directly on the wood sheathing. The mesh fabric protects the sheeting from heat and damage from the metal and guarantees that the underlay is ventilated from above.

Szczegóły produktu

  • Roll width: 1,50 m x 25 m
  • Roll wight: 450 g/m²
  • sd-value: 0,02 m
  • UV-stability: 3 months
  • Color: anthrazit
  • Pallet: 1,50 m - 10 rolls (375 m²)


Klebepaste 3300 OMEGAQUILLI 


Product data sheet_OMEGA DRAINY_EN.pdf
Product data sheet_OMEGA DRAINY PLUS_EN.pdf