Membrana fasadowa

OMEGA FA Membrana elewacyjna G50 SK DUO

OMEGA FA Membrana elewacyjna G50  SK DUO Opis produktu

UV-resistant facade lining for air gap/cavity ventilated facades with shadow gaps of up to 50mm. Larger joint distances require an object-specific approval by ISOCELL. Available in different RAL-colors. For information on delivery times (min. 3 months!) and minimum quantities we are at your disposal. Standard Stock goods: 2,50 m => black

Szczegóły produktu

  • Wymiary rolki: 1,5 x 50 m
  • Waga: ca. 270 g/m2
  • Wartość sd: ca. 0,02m
  • Kolor: czarny
  • Paleta: 20 rolki (1.500 m2)




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