Blow-in technology

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ISOblow - powerful and user-friendly blowing machines on the construction site and in prefabrication in timber element construction

Benefit from our experience

More than twenty years ago, ISOCELL started to build high-performance, maintenance-friendly and user-friendly blowing machines of the "ISOblow" brand. In the meantime, the range of services also includes systems for prefabrication, as well as maintenance and repair of third-party products.

Innovative machine technology for processing cellulose insulation on the construction site and in prefabrication in timber element construction - tailor-made solutions for every requirement profile.

ISOBLOW blowing machines make the work of the cellulose processor easier and more efficient. Only excellent cellulose fibers, powerful blowing machines and user-friendly blowing accessories guarantee high quality and fast processing.

Machine Technology used on construction sites

The skilled blower arrives at the construction site with his truck, bringing with him everything he needs: the blowing machine and the material.  
There is no need to transport huge quantities of material to the upper floor, only the blowing hose.  The expert controls the blowing machine on the truck using radio controls and an assistant fills it with cellulose. The cavities are insulated within hours, are seamless and the insulation will not sag. FURTHER INFORMATION

Prefabrication Application Technology

ISOblow Elements

Greater efficiency, optimised control, precise Quality Control – with the 'ISOBLOW ELEMENTS' blowing system ISOCELL provides the next generation in blowing solutions for the industrial production of timber elements.  

An insulation plate - variable lifting techniques and big-bale technology - depending on the layout of the production facility: 

Whether in industrial timber construction or a joiner's workshop  - the ISOBLOW ELEMENTs blowing plate can easily be incorporated into the production process. In combination with variable hoisting technology and big-bale systems we guarantee fast and rational insulation.  

Together with you we design individual concepts and integrate machine solutions into your production process. FURTHER INFORMATION


A product is only as good as its processing

ISOCELL regularly holds seminars at which beginners and experienced cellulose installers are trained and certified. Here at ISOCELL's training centre varying constructions and conditions on site can be simulated and new applications tested on models. Besides, when experts get together the exchange of experience is invaluable and points the way to the development of new technolgies. FURTHER INFORMATION