We proudly present to you a selection of construction projects that have been successfully realized using the versatile product portfolio of ISOCELL. ISOCELL is a renowned provider of innovative building and insulation solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Our projects are characterized by their efficiency, sustainability, and durability. By using ISOCELL products, we have been able to create customized solutions for our clients, exceeding their expectations. We invite you to take a look at our references and be convinced of the outstanding performance of our construction projects.

Matador hall of residence for students

“The greatest challenge with this project was to realise a three-storey building with the same energy standard as a passive house”, said the executive architect, Alexander Treichl. ‘Matador’ is Austria’s first timber-built hall of residence for students that achieves its passive house quality and the pleasant living climate among other things thanks to the ISOCELL cellulose insulation.

Samermösl residential complex

The Samermösl housing complex is Austria’s largest multi-storey timber-built passive house residential complex. In selecting the materials, the architect DI Simon Speigner from Thalgau opted to use products that were unobjectionable from the point of view of building ecology. Planners and contracting companies also trust in the high-quality products from ISOCELL in the implementation of the airtight layer.

Construction of new detached house in Eugendorf

In the construction of the new detached house it was not only the outstanding insulating characte-ristics that were particularly important to the young family man, but also safety in the event of fire.
ISOCELL cellulose insulation is classified under fire class B-s2,d0 – which means that it is flame resis-tant, unlike EPS insulating materials.
In addition, the sound insulation is significantly better.

Historic house in Bad Ischl

The positive product properties of ISOCELL cellulose insulation as well as the gentle work process really come in to their own when renovating historical buildings. The injection process is accomplished rationally and with low dust levels. The result is a jointless insulating mat with no thermal bridges that meets the highest energy saving and room climate demands.

Porr residental complex in rum

The entire 315 m² flat roof construction of the former Porr residential complex was insulated with 3.5 tonnes of ISOCELL cellulose insulating material in just eight working hours. The insulation of the roof construction dating from the 1970s would not have been possible with conventional board insulating materials due to the cramped spatial conditions.

House in Palting

The potential for an energetic improvement of the Moser family’s large house in Palting was recognised and tackled. The WoodyFIX elements were brought into the attic and stuck together and the OSB boards were attached. Afterwards the hollow space was filled with ISOCELL cellulose.

Insulation of flat roofs in apartment buildings

It is so straightforward to make a well-insulated building out of an energy waster. The roofing contractor opened the roof in various places. The company LKI from Nidda-Harb insulated the 600 m² roof area with 30 cm ISOCELL in just a short time.

Low energy house in timber construction

A low energy house in timber construction was erected in just over five months in Kuchl near Salzburg.
ISOCELL made a considerable contribution to this short construction time - the whole roof was  insulated from the outside in 2 ½ hours.
The builder was delighted!