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ISOBLOW Elements Blowing Plate

With 'ISOBLOW ELEMENTs' blowing system ISOCELL presents the next generation in blowing solutions for the industrial construction of timber elements. It is intended for insulation of timber elements covered on one side.


  • Optimum surface pressure permits dust-free and efficient handling. 
  • Simple and straightforward operation via touch display. 
  • Position lasers facilitate the aligning of the blowing plate 
  • Easy attachment to hoisting crane or gantry crane solution 
  • Flexible with all insulation material.
  • Variable use


Hoisting Crane System
Overhead crane and/or swivel arm: the ISOCELL Blowing Plate is lifted onto the elements to be insulated using the overhead crane. A swivel arm, mounted on the floor or the wall, is an economic alternative. This avoids the need for an indoor crane and provides flexibility.

Gantry Crane Solution
By means of a ‘bridge’ or ‘portal’ that runs on two parallel tracks, the ISOblow Elements blowing plate is positioned onto the timber construction element. The blowing plate is raised and lowered by means of a pneumatic cylinder. This is constructed individually and made to match the production table and the customer’s specification.

Fully Automatic Insulation Solution
ISOblow’s blowing portal drives itself over the wood construction element and insulates the relevant compartments.
Via an interface to the CAD timber construction program the blowing portal receives all relevant information such as insulation thickness, position and size of the compartment.
Special laser scanners ensure safety of the work area and protection from collision



Material Feed

For many timber construction companies greatest efficiency is achieved by using ISOCELL Big Bales. 

The use of big bale cutters is a very space-saving solution. The ISOCELL big bales are loaded into the machine from behind by means of a forklift or conveyor. The bale is trimmed in layers from the top downwards. The material falls into the blowing machine and from there it is transported to the ISOBLOW ELEMENTs Blowing Plate.


  • Space-saving big bale solution
  • Adaptable for all production plants
  • Suitable for big bales of all common blown insulation 
  • Flexible in location
  • Permanent quality control via weighing technology (optional) 
  • Dust-free loosening of insulation
  • Easy change of material

individual Concepts and Machine Solutions

Whether big bales or standard sacks are used, we guarantee quick and rational insulation with ISOCELL Blowing Technology. 

We gladly design individual concepts together with you and integrate machine solutions into your production process. Workshop layout and available space are taken into consideration