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Double-sided Acryl KB adhesive tape

Double-sided Acryl KB adhesive tape
Double-sided adhesive tape for gaps at overlaps, joints and penetration points.

Available dimensions

Article number Roll width Roll length Carton Inquiry List
3ACRYL2050 20 mm 50 m 32 rolls
3ACRYL4050 40 mm 50 m 16 rolls

Product data

Field of application

  • Adhesion of adjacent vapour barriers and retarders
  • Adhesion of adjacent roof membranes and wind seals
  • Connections and joints on wood, OSB and metal
  • for adhesion on masonry, use primer if necessary


  • tear-resistant
  • high adhesive properties
To ensure that the building's shell is air and windtight, the membranes or panels used must be permanently sealed at overlaps, joints, connections and penetration points.
Material composition
Double-sided adhesive tape of pure acrylic and fabric with white covering.
0.2 mm
Temperature resistance
-40–120 °C
Working temperature
-5 °C
Age resistance
30 years

Processing guideline