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AIRSTOP CoPli Adhesive Tape

AIRSTOP CoPli Adhesive Tape
AIRSTOP CoPli is a pre-folded adhesive tape for permanent airtight adhesion at purlins and rafters, as well as corners and edges. Pre-folding enables easy, very quick and reliable application.
  • Can be plastered and painted over
  • Fast application in corners and at edges

Available dimensions

Article number Roll width Roll length Folding Carton Inquiry List
3ACOPLI 60 mm 25 m 30 / 30 7 rolls

Field of application

  • for corner connections and material transfer
  • sealant at construction joints (windows and doors)


  • can be plastered and painted over
  • fold aids fast application
  • fingerlift

Product data

AIRSTOP CoPli is a pre-folded adhesive tape for simple and permanent adhesion of joints in construction at window and door frames. The pre-fold enables easy, very fast and reliable handling.
Material composition
Non-woven composite of PP, coated with acrylic adhesive
5 m
Temperature resistance
-40 °C
Temperature resistance
80 °C
2 months
Working temperature
-5 °C
Working temperature
40 °C
Shelf life
2 years
cool and dry

Processing guideline


Tear-free adhesive tape system with acrylate adhesive to acquire an air and windtight seal according to standard. Not for loaded joints and joints fixed through friction. Vapour barriers and other foils must be secured, for example, with staples or battens.


When affixing the adhesive tape, its full surface must bond with the substrate. The higher the contact pressure, the better the adhesion (AIRSTOP ROLL Pressure Roller or AIRSTOP RAK Squeegee). We recommend sealing compound AIRSTOP SPRINT for plastered surfaces or very rough wood. Materials used must be free from dust and grease and in addition the substrate must be dry and capable of bearing loads.
Suitable for: wood, wood-based panels (OSB, MDF, 3-layer panels...), plastics (smooth surface, free from silicone and wax), metals free from oxides and rust. Please carry out adhesion tests on site for other substrates. At very low temperatures and unfavourable adhesive properties of the substrate, adhesive properties can be improved using the appropriate ISOCELL system primers.


Please note that at low temperatures and even at slight changes in temperature, surface condensation can occur. This acts as a separating layer and reduces adhesion. After application of AIRSTOP Adhesive Tapes a curing time of approx. 6 – 24 hours begins, depending on the temperature.


Cool and dry in a closed cardboard box; do not stack rollers on top of one another without release paper in between.


The acrylate adhesive employed does not contain any additives that cause the adhesive layer to become brittle and is therefore extremely resistant to aging.