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AIRSTOP ELASTO Sealing Patches

AIRSTOP ELASTO Sealing Patches
Suitable for quick sealing of injection holes.

Working temperature: from -5 °C

Available dimensions

Article number Width Length Piece / roll Carton Inquiry List
3APELDP 180 mm 180 mm 250 Stk 4 rolls

Product data

Field of application

  • a quick seal for larger openings e.g. blow-in openings


  • quick and easy application
  • strong adhesion
To guarantee air and wind-tightness for the skin of a construction it must have the appropriate foils or panel materials providing a permanent seal at overlaps, gaps, joints and penetration points. AIRSTOP ELASTO Sealing Plaster is tear-resistant with adhesive generously applied, with strong adhesion.
Material composition
PE base material with polyester fabric and acrylate adhesive
Temperature resistance
-40–80 °C
Working temperature
-5–40 °C
Shelf life
2 years
Green transparent with black inprint
cool and dry

Processing guideline