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BUBI LF Adhesive Primer

BUBI LF Adhesive Primer
High quality solvent-free primer for all acrylic, butyl, bitumen and bitumen rubber tapes. Also for priming EPS and XPS. Forms an adhesive film which bonds to the tapes applied. Self-adhesive.

Yield: Approx. 10 m²/litre
Working temperature from – 10 °C (Air and material)/ +5°C (Primer)
  • Solvent-free

Available dimensions

Article number Content - kg Carton content Inquiry List
3BUBILF 1 kg 6 Stk
3BUBILF5 5 kg

Product data


  • a stronger primer coat
  • forms an adhesive film, self- adhesive
BUBI LF Bonding Primer is a quality, solvent-free primer for preparation of the substrate to optimize the adhesive properties of acrylate, butyl and bitumen- rubber adhesive tapes. It can be used on all absorbent, mineral substrates e.g. concrete, cement plaster, cellular concrete, brickwork and sand-lime bricks that are finished flush. Application is also possible on polystyrene panels. BUBI LF Primer is self- adhesive and resistant against humidity and warm temperatures.
Material composition
water- based acrylate polymer dispersion
Working temperature
-5–35 °C
Film characteristics permanently
Drying time
15 - 40 min
10 m²/kg

Processing guideline


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