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The ‘ISOblow family’ wonder using single-phase current. A specially designed shredding system, two high-performance blowers, a 5-chamber air-lock and a wellthought-out construction result in an all-purpose blowing-machine. Fibre insulation such as cellulose, glass wool and rock wool can be handled just as easily as loose and free-flowing insulation materials for core insulation.

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  • large storage tank with two shredder shafts and polycarbonate
  • luminous flux is sufficient
  • easy filling via the filling flap
  • the storage container can be rotated and removed
  • easy folding of the machine facilitates maintenance and troubleshooting
  • sturdy shredder mechanism provides the best loosening effect
  • 5-chamber airlock with sealing lips made of abrasion-resistant rubber
  • no pressure loss - low wear
  • two powerful blowers
  • check valve protects blower against backwater
  • easy operation via radio remote control
  • material quantity adjustable via sluice gates
  • easy to transport
  • extraction in combination with ISOCELL extraction drum possible
  • possibility of connecting an amplifier station
  • easy maintenance
Performance miracle of the „ISOblow family“ with luminous flux. A specially developed shredder mechanism, two high-performance blower, a 5-chamber sluice in a well-designed construction results in a universal blowing machine. Fibre insulating materials such as cellulose, soft wood fibre, glass and rock wool can be processed just as well as loose and free-flowing Insulating materials for core insulation. The ISOblow COMPACT is operated and the air volume controlled via the ISOCELL radio remote control. The amount of material can be controlled via a sluice gate. regulate. Their size, high conveying and air performance, ease of operation and last but not least the luminous flux mode the ISOblow COMPACT for use in the renovation sector.
660 mm
890 mm
1720 mm
Weight- kg
160 kg
325 l
Electrical connection load
230 V / 50 HZ, 16A