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Provides a quick and reliable seal and vapour diffusion permeable seal for window connection joints. The tape consists of highly UV-resistant backing that can be plastered over and painted over and is fully coated with a quality acrylic adhesive. Can be plastered over. Working temperature: from -5 °C

Available dimensions

Article number Type Roll width Roll length Split liner Carton Inquiry List
3UVAUSK80WS WS 80 mm 25 m 25 / 55 4 rolls

Field of application

  • for window installation


  • fingerlift
  • 12 months UV-resistance
  • resistance to air and wind-driven rain
  • soft, flexible structure
  • extremely good adhesion on all kinds of window frames and various substrates, e.g. concrete, OSB, wood, vapour barriers
  • two-way adhesive coating for concealed installation
  • liner split
  • can be plastered over and painted over

Product data

The window tape two-way consists of a highly UV-resistant fleece backing that can be painted over and is coated with a heavy-duty adhesive. The back of the tape is completely adhesive and has separate liners. The adhesive strip covering the upper side can be attached directly onto the window frame without removing a liner, and the tape can therefore be totally concealed when installed. ISOWINDOW UVAU WS Window Tape is suitable for window installation conform to RAL and ÖNORM B 5320.
Material composition
Flexible fleece, laminated air-tight
Grey with black imprint
0.19 m
Temperature resistance
-40 °C
Temperature resistance
80 °C
12 months
Working temperature
-5 °C
Working temperature
40 °C
12 months; cool and dry

Processing guideline


ISOWINDOW UVAU WS is fixed to the window reveal before the window is installed. The fleece side of the tape can be plastered over and painted over. The fully adhesive side is attached to masonry, wood, OSB or vapour barrier. The substrate should be sufficiently supporting


The fleece side of ISOWINDOW is covered with a narrow acrylic adhesive strip that can be attached directly to the window frame without removing a liner.


Lay the window frame with the inside facing upwards. Press the mounting strip carefully onto the window frame. Roll the ISOWINDOW along as far as the corner.


Make a fold at the corners. Do this by pressing the window tape firmly as far as the corners of the window frame, push the material along and make a fold. These ‘corners’ are to ensure tightness at the corners.


When the window tape is attached to the entire window frame and the joint insulated, pull off the wide masking paper and press onto the window frame.
The more pressure applied, the better the adhesion (AIRSTOP ROLL Pressing Roller, AIRSTOP RAK Plastic Squeegee)!