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OMEGA N55 Adhesive

OMEGA N55 Adhesive
For windproof and watertight bonding/sealing of UV-resistant façade membranes as well as the bonding/sealing of OMEGA UDOs 330 Roof underlay and OMEGA UDOs 330 TopGrip to each other as well as adhering it to concrete, wood and sheet metal. (Cold Welding effect).

Yield: ~ 25 lfm/kg
Working temperature: from 0 °C

Available dimensions

Article number Content - kg Inquiry List
3OMN5 2 kg
3OMN55 4.5 kg

Product data

Field of application

  • adhesion at overlaps and joins for OMEGA UDOs 330 and OMEGA facade membranes


  • plasticizer-resistant
  • resistant to oil, petrol, dilute acids and leach
  • 1-component
  • adhesion on many substrates e.g. wood, concrete, metal
Adhesive for wind and waterproof adhesion of acrylate or TPU-coated façades and underroof membranes, either to each other, or to connect with concrete, wood and metal.
Material composition
Nitrile rubber
Working temperature
0–40 °C
40 g/m
Density - g/cm³
0.88 g/cm³
Duration of skin formation,dry/ wet
10 min / 4 min

Processing guideline