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OMEGA NDB Nail Sealing Tape ESK

OMEGA NDB Nail Sealing Tape ESK
ESK = Bitumen tape, adhesive on one side, for sealing nail holes under counter-battens.

Thickness: 2 mm ≥ 1,5°DN.
Working temperature: from +5° C

Available dimensions

Article number Type Roll width Roll length Carton Box/pallet Inquiry List
3OMNDI50 ESK 50 mm 10 m 20 rolls 16 Karton
3OMNDI60 ESK 60 mm 10 m 16 rolls 24 Karton
3OMNDI70 ESK 70 mm 10 m 16 rolls 24 Karton
3OMNDI80 ESK 80 mm 10 m 12 rolls 24 Karton

Product data

Field of application

  • a seal for nails and screws below the counter battens


  • easy to use
  • good adhesion on wood and underlays
  • good elastic properties
A bitumen tape, adhesive on one side, that is attached along the full length between the diffusive roof underlay and the counter-batten. It prevents ingress of rainwater and guarantees optimum windtightness of the construction. Tested for protection from rain by the Austrian Wood Research Association, (Holzforschung Austria Order no. 203/2003/2 T/HH).
Material composition
self-adhesive bitumen tape
2 mm
Temperature resistance
-40–100 °C
Working temperature
5–40 °C
1 year; cool and dry

Processing guideline