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OMEGA QUILLI Sealing Compound

OMEGA QUILLI Sealing Compound
For rain and wind-tight sealing/adhesion of roof membranes at overlaps and joints. Adhesive sealant for sealing nail and staple penetrations in and around the counter batten. For gluing joints of wood fibreboard, OSB and MDF panels.

Working temperature: from + 7° C

Tested for rain resistance by Holzforschung Austria Nr.: 301/2003/2 - T/HH

Available dimensions

Article number Content - ml Carton content Inquiry List
3OMQU310 310 ml 20 Stk
3OMQU900 600 ml 20 Stk

Product data


  • the light foam texture that develops during the curing process seals sections containing staples and nails against ingress of windblown rain
  • maximum penetration into the fleece layers (i.e. it seals multi-layer foils down to the membrane – no ‘wick effect’)
  • high resistance to all weather conditions
  • adhesive for a wide range of varying materials
  • thixotropic – non-drip
  • contains no solvents that can be harmful to the roof lining
Is used as an adhesive sealant to ensure rain and windproof installation of roof underlays (e.g. OMEGA sheeting). In particular for joining and sealing in overlap areas, for sealing nails and staples in the counter battens and for joints at walls, gables, chimneys etc. This product is also suitable for gluing joints of wood softboard, OSB and DWD panels. Raintightness prooved by Holzforschung Austria. (Report no. : 301/2003/2-T/HH)
Material composition
1-K-PUR free from solvents
Temperature resistance
-40–110 °C
Working temperature
7 °C
Shelf life
12 unopened months
Density - g/cm³
1.54 g/cm³

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