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OMEGA UDOs External Angle Moulding

OMEGA UDOs External Angle Moulding
Prefabricated shaped part, which can be used especially for fast wind- and watertight connection of outside corners in combination with the OMEGA UDOs 330 Roof underlay.
  • Vapour permeable
  • Heat and solvent weldable
  • Wind, rain and water-tight
  • Weldable and bondable

Available dimensions

Article number Angled corner length Carton content Inquiry List
3UDOSA 200 mm 20 Stk

Field of application

  • detailed solutions for external corners


  • vapour permeable
  • heat and solvent weldable
  • wind, rain and water-tight
  • weldable and bondable

Product data

Is a preformed section for use as a quick wind and water-tight join of outer corners in combination with OMEGA UDOs 330 Roof underlay.
Material composition
PES spunbond fleece with TPU coating on both sides
Dark grey
Temperature resistance
-40 °C
Temperature resistance
100 °C
Resistance to water flow
cool and dry

Processing guideline

The OMEGA UDOs 330 outer corner is suitable for installation on pressure-resistant substrates such as wood sheathing, wood fibre sarking boards and wood-based panels. The substrate must be dry, clean and free from frost.

The OMEGA UDOs 330 outer corners can be homogeneously welded to the OMEGA UDOs 330 using either the hot air blower, OMEGA QSM or the OMEGA N55 adhesive. The welding area must be dry and free from frost, grease and dust.