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PE NDB Nail Sealing Tape DSK

PE NDB Nail Sealing Tape DSK
PE foam tape, with adhesive on both sides, for sealing nail holes under counter battens. ≥ 5°DN. Thickness: 3 mm
Suitable for application using the nail-seal tape dispenser

Working temperature: from + 5 °C

Available dimensions

Article number Type Roll width Roll length Carton Box/pallet Inquiry List
3PEDIBA603DS DSK 60 mm 30 m 8 rolls 18 Karton
3PEDIBA703DS DSK 70 mm 30 m 7 rolls 18 Karton
3PEDIBA803DS DSK 80 mm 30 m 6 rolls 18 Karton

Product data

Field of application

  • Nail seal for roof underlays minimum roof pitch ≥5 °


  • easy to use
  • good adhesion on wood and underlays
  • the 60 mm tape can be used with the nail-seal tape dispenser
Is a double-sided adhesive PE foam tape that is used as nail-seal tape in the area of the counter battens. Tested for protection from rain by the Austrian Wood Research Association, (Holzforschung Austria Order no. 203/2003/2 T/HH).
Material composition
Closed cell polyethylene foam double-sided adhesive
3 mm
Temperature resistance
-40–80 °C
Working temperature
5–40 °C
30 kg/m³

Processing guideline