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PE Shrink Wrap

PE Shrink Wrap
Suitable for flexible packaging of bulky and large objects.
  • Resistant to wind and rain
  • Transport regardless of weather conditions
  • Replaces the need for expensive storage facilities
  • Fast packaging of large items
  • Weather protection

Available dimensions

Article number Roll width Roll length Inquiry List
2SCHRFO2 6.5 m 50 m
2SCHRFO1 8.5 m 50 m

Product data

Material composition
LDPE film; biaxially shrinking
0.15 mm
135 g/m²
Elongation - lengthwise
~ 600 %
Elongation - crosswise
~ 650 %
DIN 53370
Tear propagation resistance - lengthwise
~ 22 N / mm²
Tear propagation resistance - crosswise
~ 22 N / mm²
Tear propagation resistance
DIN 53370

Processing guideline


Pull the film off the roll and place it under the parts to be packed. Then load the loading platform or lower the load.


Pull the film up at the sides and fasten it to the element with adhesive tape or staples.
Then secure the load with lashing straps.


If the elements are larger than the film, a second layer is pulled over from above. The film can be pulled over the load with the hall crane.

Note: maintain an overlap of 40 – 50 cm!


Weld the overlap areas (40 – 50 cm) with the hot air blower.