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STG Impact Sound Insulation

STG Impact Sound Insulation
Reduces contact/impact sound/noise that often arises e.g. in floors, framing (wood/wood, concrete/wood, concrete/concrete) which also spreads as structure-born noise (noise travelling through structural elements such as timber and metal beams). It is installed without nails or pins, but can be glued into position if required. - Trelleborg

Available dimensions

Article number Type Roll width Roll length Thickness Carton Inquiry List
3STG45 STG 45 45 mm 50 m 10 mm 3 rolls
3STG50 STG 50 50 mm 50 m 5 mm 4 rolls

Field of application

  • footfall sound insulation
  • reduces footfall sounds that occur on floors and beams
  • reduction of humidity underneath balcony rusts (STG 45)
  • used in multi-storey houses (STG 50)


  • does not absorb water; Water has no effect on the material
  • high temperature resistance
  • chemically stable, uncomplicated in contact with other materials
  • includes no diluents or additives, recyclable
  • high resistance to aging
  • windproof and thermal insulation

Product data

Reduces footfall sounds that occur on e.g. floors, timbers (wood/wood, concrete/wood, concrete/concrete) and spread as structure-borne sound. The sealant is mounted without nails. If necessary it can be glued.
Material composition
Cell EPDM rubber (STG 45) Solid EPDM rubber (STG 50 / STG 95)
130 m
Temperature resistance
-40 °C
Temperature resistance
150 °C
fully and permanently
Age resistance
Age resistance
50 years
Cool and dry
Compression set
STG 45: up to 3.000 kg/m STG 50: up to 9.800 kg/m

Processing guideline


The sealant is mounted without nails. If necessary it can be glued with the adhesive paste AIRSTOP FROZEN .