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UNI MS Sealant Adhesive

UNI MS Sealant Adhesive
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UV-resistant, permanently elastic, water-resistant MS-polymer based sealant that can be painted over. For sealing and bonding a wide variety of materials throughout the house, indoors and outdoors, such as window joints. Working temperature: from + 5 °C
  • Conforms to ÖN 5320 and EN 15651-1 (indoors and outdoors)
  • Class 25 LM according to EN ISO 11600

Available dimensions

Article number Packing unit Colour Content - ml Carton content Inquiry List
3MS310S Cartridge black 310 ml 20 Stk
3MS290 Cartridge white 310 ml 20 Stk
3MS600S Hose black 600 ml 20 Stk
3MS600W Hose white 600 ml 20 Stk


  • almost odourless, can be overpainted
  • free from solvents, silicone and isocyanate
  • permanently elastic joint
  • water resistant, UV-resistant
  • resistant to temperatures from – 40°C to +90°C
  • joint-filling, non-foaming
  • application indoors and outdoors
  • workable on damp sub-surfaces
  • non-corrosive to metals

Product data

UNI MS adhesive sealant is a UV-resistant, permanently elastic hybrid sealant on MS-polymer basis that can be painted over and is neutral-curing. It is suitable for the sealing and gluing of a variety of substances throughout a housing construction, indoors and outdoors, as e.g. for joins at windows and in roof areas as well as for gluing and joint finishing on flooring and skirting. Good adhesion to a number of sub-surfaces, particularly glass, sheet metal, enamel surfaces, wood, concrete, ceramic, plasterwork, soft fibreboard and various types of plastic. Very poor adhesion to pure plaster.
Material composition
MS - Polymer
Density - g/cm³
1.45 g/cm³
Working temperature
5 °C
Working temperature
35 °C
Skinning time
10 min
12 months unopened, +10° - +25° C, dry without direct exposure to sunlight
Full hardening
2 mm / day
Permissible overall deformation of joint
25 %
Shore A hardness
25 (±5)

Processing guideline


UNI MS Sealant Adhesive is applied with a handheld pressure gun directly to one side of the clean surface or joint that has been freed from grease and dust. Dust, grease, oil or loose parts must be removed. We recommend an adhesion test before application. A check should be carried out on whether an additional coating (e.g. synthetic varnish) is sufficiently elastic to withstand constant joint movement!