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WOODYCELL Insulation

WOODYCELL Insulation
WOODYCELL is natural insulation material made from wood fibres. It contains no harmful substances or additives of any kind and is pleasantly warm to the touch. Insulation for every application, whether it is a new construction, refurbishment, sloping roofs, top storey ceilings, intermediate floors, exterior or interior walls.

Field of application

  • Thermal insulation material for injection into roof slopes, top floors, intermediate floors and external and internal walls in a post and beam construction in new buildings or renovations.


  • very good thermal insulation values
  • good heat protection
  • sustainable product
  • no hauling of insulating material
  • fast and clean
  • no wastage, no joints

Product data

WOODYCELL is permeable and regulates moisture. Its good thermal insulating properties do not only keep the cold outside in winter, but also the heat in summer. In total, the natural characteristics of the wood fibre in combination with the ISOCELL blowing system fulfil even the greatest demands on the indoor environment and save energy.
Technical approval
ETA - 17/0622
Rated value of thermal conductivity
Germany: 0,04, Austria: 0,039, Switzerland: 0,038
Blow- in density
~ 32 - 45 kg / m³
Water vapour diffusion resistance
μ = 1 - 3
Specific thermal capacity
2.100 J /kg*K
Airflow resistance
r = ≥ 5 kPa s / m²
wood fibre, ammonium sulfate, boric acid
Reaction to fire
Disposal clue
030105 / 170201
Packaging unit
15 kg / sack - 21 sacks / pallet or BIG BAG (~360 kg)