The timber house – eco was yesterday

And Zenz Holzbau GmbH, who is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, knows this too. Managing Director Georg Zenz knows why the demand is constantly increasing. Working with the raw material wood is a family tradition in Eggenberg, Salzburg. A tradition introduced by Georg Zenz senior 60 years ago, continued by his son, Georg junior, and now today on the threshold to its third generation with Michael Zenz, who last year completed his studies as master of his trade.

‟There has been increasing demand for wooden construction for years,” Georg Zenz explains ‟since the 1990’s more and more people are opting  for a wooden house thanks to the trend towards health-conscious building. With a staff of just under 30 we build, adapt and convert up to 25 prefabricated houses every year, and carry out classic carpentry work. The continuation of the boom can easily be explained: these days wooden construction is the most modern type of construction. Not because of the style but owing to the raw material. Wood is environmentally friendly, sustainable, readily available, very versatile and gets the best marks for building physics. Not to mention the time factor. For, wooden construction is dry. ‚From the first moment the excavator rolls onto the greenfield site a wooden construction should be completed in three to four weeks”.Wooden houses for single families have been on the market for quite a while but there is now a new market for office blocks and large-scale housing with several storeys. Zenz Holzbau GmbH has been an ISOCELL partner for many years and as such is well equipped for the purpose.

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