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Moisture-curing, open cell, single-component foam ideally suited for window installations. Quick and effective airtight, rainproof and vapour open (Vapour permeable) foam for sealing and insulating of joints in building makeups. Free from CFCS, FCS and HCFCS. Working temperature: +5 - +30 °C
  • high movement absorption
  • airtight and resistant to driving rain

Available dimensions

Article number Colour Content - ml Carton content Inquiry List
3FOAM blue 750 ml 12 Stk

Field of application

  • for gaps between building components with high movement absorption


  • free from CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs
  • sound and heat insulation
  • absorbs 300 times more movement than normal PU-foam
  • easily cut
  • safety valve
  • airtight and resistant to driving rain

Product data

Is a 1-component moisture-curing foam with a blowing agent free from CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs. ISOWINDOW Soft Cell Foam is a quick and reliable seal and insulation used to make construction joints with high movement capability airtight, resistant to rain and permeable. It bonds well on all conventional construction materials such as concrete, brickwork, wood, metal, plastic, rigid PVC, PE, etc. ISOWINDOW WZS Soft Cell Foam is resistant to heat, water and numerous chemicals.
Material composition
1-component PU-foam
Temperature resistance
-40 °C
Temperature resistance
80 °C
Working temperature
5 °C
Working temperature
30 °C
Thermal conductivity
0,035 W/mK
Tensile strength
6.5 N/cm²
Elongation at tear
25 - 28 %
Shear strength
3.4 N/mm²
Raw density (free-foamed)
13 - 15 kg/m³
Tack-free after
7 - 11 min
Can be cut after (20mm strip)
10 - 14 min
Fully loadable after (20 mm strip)
24 h
15 months; cool and dry, upright, frost-free
Sound damping coefficient
10 mm: 60 dB 20 mm: 59 dB
Fire performance
Fire performance
EN 13501_1

Processing guideline


- ISOWINDOW WZS Soft Cell Foam
- Spray gun
- Spray with clear water
- Sharp, clean replaceable-blade knife (Stanley knife)


The window frame must be levelled and firmly attached to the masonry or built-in frame (shimming and screwing). Masonry surfaces must be smooth. The gap surfaces must be free from coarse dirt, release agents, grease and dust. All debris must be removed.
Gaps and cavities above 30 mm must be filled in layers and moistened between. Working temperate should be between +5 °C and +30 °C. Optimum working temperature is +20 °C.


Place the spray gun on the ISOWINDOW WZS Soft Cell Foam can.


Moisten the connection gap sufficiently using clear water. Attention! If the water sprayed is contaminated with detergent the foam may collapse! Ensure that at the time of foaming out the gap there are no drops of water remaining on the substrate.


Shake the can well before foaming (approx. 20 times).


Apply ISOWINDOW WZS Soft Cell Foam evenly from bottom to top in the connection gap to be sealed.


Ensure that the gap is not completely filled with foam as the foam will expand by approx. 100 %.


A fine film of clear water should be applied approx. 60 seconds after application of the ISOWINDOW WZS Soft Cell Foam into the gap. This guarantees uniform hardening of the ISOWINDOW WZS Soft Cell Foam. If necessary this can be repeated several times (if the outside temperature is high or the substrates very absorbent, etc….)


After approx. 40 - 60 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature, the excess material can be cut with a sharp, clean Stanley knife. After approx. 12 hours the ISOWINDOW WZS Soft Cell Foam is completely hard.

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