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OMEGA Alu-Butyl GD2 Conduit Sleeve

OMEGA Alu-Butyl GD2 Conduit Sleeve
For the permanent airtight sealing of penetrations around pipes. For use on softfibreboard, concrete, roof underlay etc., indoors and outdoors. If necessary, use a primer! Working temperature: from + 5 °C

Available dimensions

Article number Type Width Length for cable entry for cable entry Carton content Inquiry List
3AIRGD2A GD2 150 mm 150 mm 15 mm 20 mm 30 Stk
3AIRGD2TYP2A GD2 150 mm 150 mm 25 mm 35 mm 30 Stk
3AIRGD2TYP3A GD2 150 mm 150 mm 40 mm 55 mm 4 Stk

Field of application

  • openings for conduits


  • extremely flexible, for roofs with greater slope
  • resistant to UV
  • rubber heat-resistant up to 160 °C (short-term)
  • integrated butyl- sealing plaster for air- and windproof bonding

Product data

A fast and permanent sealant for penetrations in bitumen vapour retarders, roofing membrane, soft fibreboard, OSB, under-roof sheathing, concrete floors etc. The high-stretch EPDM sleeve has a butyl adhesive collar, provides extremely strong adhesion and is tear resistant. At the same time it gives the required strain relief. The aluminium coating makes the sleeve water repellent and UV-resistant.
Material composition
EPDM rubber with pure butyl adhesive collar, aluminium coated
Black, adhesive collar aluminium
Temperature resistance
-40 °C
Temperature resistance
100 °C
Working temperature
5 °C
Working temperature
40 °C
Cool and dry

Processing guideline


Pull the rubber sleeve over the pipe and stick to the substrate with the integrated sealing plaster. The diameter of the selected pipe sleeve must have the appropriate dimension for the pipe feed-through!
The materials used must be free from dust and grease and substrates must be dry and supporting.
The greater the pressure applied, the better the performance of the adhesive tape.
On highly porous and very absorbent substrates such as concrete, plaster, untreated steel or raw wood, we recommend pre-treatment of the substrate with our ISOCELL Primers.