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AIRSTOP BB Bitumen Rubber Tape

AIRSTOP BB Bitumen Rubber Tape
Bitumen rubber, permanently elastic with a self-adhesive backing. Particularly suitable for sealing problematic joints between interior steel purlins and plates to concrete walls and concrete substrates. Highly suitable for sealing plywoods, osb, fibreboards and softboards in and around roof junctions, as well as external cornerdetails around window sill areas. Divided backing strip makes it easy to manipulate into and around corners. Thickness: 1,5 mm Working temperature: from -5 °C
  • Protects sills in timber construction in compliance with DIN 18533
  • Base sealing

Available dimensions

Article number Roll width Roll length Split liner Carton Inquiry List
3APBB100 100 mm 10 m 50 / 50 10 rolls
3APBB150 150 mm 10 m 75 / 75 6 rolls
3APBB200 200 mm 10 m 100 / 100 5 rolls
3APBB300 300 mm 10 m 150 / 150 1 rolls
3APBB500 500 mm 10 m 250 / 250 1 rolls
3APBB950 950 mm 10 m 475 / 475 1 rolls

Field of application

  • as sealant for DHF and soft board panels under the roof at butt joints, valleys and flashing troughs
  • as sealant at sills (floor and ceiling)
  • can be used as waterproofing for base (load – not heavy water) in accordance with ÖNORM B3692 and the guideline ‘Base connection in wooden construction’.
  • as base waterproofing in accordance with DIN18533
  • waterproofing membrane in accordance with DIN EN13969


  • excellent adhesion
  • installation possible from -10°C
  • resistant to moisture
  • backing strips

Product data

To guarantee air and wind-tightness for the skin of a construction it must have the appropriate foils or panel materials providing a permanent seal at overlaps, joins, gaps, joints and at penetration points. AIRSTOP BB Bitumen Rubber Tape has excellent adhesive properties on a variety of substrates and is used especially to seal problematic joints between sills and concrete surfaces. It is also suitable for sealing butt joints, penetrations, valleys and flashing troughs in roof constructions, particularly with DHF (non-vapour retardant wood fibre board) panels and soft board panels. Divided separating paper allows for perfect and precise installation.
Material composition
Bitumen-rubber tape, adhesive on one side
1.5 mm
Temperature resistance
-40 °C
Temperature resistance
100 °C
4 months
Working temperature
in combination with UNI primer or BUBI LF adhesive primer
Working temperature
-10 °C
Working temperature
40 °C
1 year; cool and dry

Processing guideline


The materials used must be free from dust and grease and substrates must be dry and supporting.
AIRSTOP BB Bitumen Rubber Tape has the function of sealant and not of a strong connector. Optimum adhesion to the substrate is achieved in combination with BUBI LF Adhesive Primer or with UNI primer.

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Butyl and bitumen tapes have a high inherent weight. The tape must be mechanically secured in case of installation in projecting areas e.g. ceilings, cantilevers and soffit areas, where gravity acts directly on the tape.
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