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UNI XL Primer Spray

UNI XL Primer Spray
To optimise the adhesion of adhesive tapes. Particularly characterised by its fast processing. Coverage: 70 - 150 m² / Container Working temperature: from -5 °C

Available dimensions

Article number Content Items / pallet Inquiry List
3PRIMDG 22 l 16 Stk

Field of application

  • increases adhesion of all adhesive tapes


  • high increase in the bonding bridge
  • extremely fast to use
  • short drying time
  • forms an adhesive film, self-adhesive

Product data

UNI XL Spray Primer is a quality solvent-based synthetic rubber for optimisation of adhesion of all acrylic, butyl and bitumen rubber adhesive tapes. It can be used on all absorbent mineral substrates, such as plaster, concrete, cement and lime plaster, aerated concrete, brick and sand-lime bricks with pointing and on woodbased panels and on wood. UNI XL Spray Primer is applied using a spray gun and is very fast to apply. Shipping: Hazardous substance, transport only through carrier
Material composition
synthetic rubber
Flash-off time at 20 °C
5 - 15 min.
70 - 150 m² / Container
Working temperature
-5 °C
Working temperature
35 °C
12 months unopened; dry, tightly closed; +10°C - +25 °C, no direct sun

Processing guideline


The hose set with spray gun must be attached carefully onto the valve thread. Then the valve on the pressurized vessel and on the spray gun is turned on anti-clockwise. Cover nearby surfaces and floors and if necessary wear gloves and protective goggles! We recommend pre-testing several times in order to achieve a perfect spray pattern. This is influenced mainly by the distance and the speed of spraying. When material is applied too thickly blisters may form in the primer. In this case the spraying speed must be increased.
Spray UNI XL Spray Primer carefully onto the substrate. If the surface is very absorbent the process should be repeated. Make sure that the surface treated does not become wet or dirty until bonding. Compatibility with surrounding materials must be tested.

Protective gloves and goggles must be worn as protection against the solvent!


As this involves a hazardous substance various issues must be considered relating to transportation. Small quantities for tradesmen can be granted exemption according to c (ADR).
The following points are relevant:

- The maximum amount according to subsection ADR may not be exceeded. This corresponds to the equivalent of 5 pcs. UNI XL Spay Primer.
- Measures must be taken to ensure that the content is secure (e.g. load-securing).
In addition, the following ADR rules must always be applied:

- labelling, marks and warning label on the pressurized gas cylinder

- load-securing of pressurized cylinder

- ventilation of loading space

- no smoking during loading

- presence of a 2kg powder extinguisher