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EPDM Sealing Strip

EPDM Sealing Strip
This is an elastic rubber sealing strip made from EPDM rubber polymer with a low water vapour transmission factor. The sealing strip has a structured surface on both sides for optimum bonding. Thickness 0,80 mm, 1,00 mm und 1,20 mm Bonding with OMEGA FROZEN Adhesive Paste
Individual widths from 50 mm - 1,500 mm available on request.

Available dimensions

Article number Roll width Roll length Thickness Carton Inquiry List
3EPDM100 100 mm 20 m 0.8 mm 12 rolls
3EPDM150 150 mm 20 m 0.8 mm 8 rolls
3EPDM10 100 mm 20 m 1 mm
3EPDM15 150 mm 20 m 1 mm 2 rolls
3EPDM20 200 mm 20 m 1 mm 2 rolls
3EPDM30 300 mm 20 m 1 mm 1 rolls
3EPDM3 300 mm 20 m 1.2 mm 1 rolls
3EPDM4 400 mm 20 m 1.2 mm 1 rolls
3EPDM5 500 mm 20 m 1.2 mm 1 rolls

Product data

Field of application

  • waterproof and air tight insulation of building joints in the outside area
  • usable on many grounds, as: PVC, aluminium, steel, galvanized steel, glass, acrylic glass, concrete, lightweight concrete, lead, wood, asphalt, EPDM, butyl…


  • does not absorb water; Water has no effect on the material
  • high temperature resistance
  • chemically stable, uncomplicated in contact with other materials
  • includes no diluents or additives, recyclable
Sealant tape based on EPDM rubber. The seal strip has a textured surface on both sides for optimum adhesion. The strip is available in 1.2 mm thickness, according to DIN 18533-2 , approved as protection against rising damp.
Material composition
EPDM rubber
Temperature resistance
-40–150 °C
fully and permanently
Age resistance
Age resistance
50 years

Processing guideline