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OMEGA DB Sealing Tape

OMEGA DB Sealing Tape
Highly flexible and robust sealing tape, adhesive on one side. Particularly suitable for seals in and around internal doorstep thresholds. Thickness: 1,5 mm Working temperature: from -5 °C

Available dimensions

Article number Roll width Roll length Split liner Carton Inquiry List
3OMDI100 100 mm 10 m 50 / 50 10 rolls
3OMDI150 150 mm 10 m 75 / 75 6 rolls
3OMDI200 200 mm 10 m 100 / 100 5 rolls
3OMDI300 300 mm 10 m 150 / 150 1 rolls

Field of application

  • sealing of threshold joints (concrete) INSIDE


  • very expandable
  • resistant to moisture
  • backing strips
  • high proportion of adhesive

Product data

To guarantee air and wind-tightness for the skin of a construction it must have the appropriate foils or panel materials providing a permanent seal at overlaps, gaps, joints and penetration points. OMEGA DB Sealing Tape is used in particular for seals at problematic joints between threshold and concrete. Due to its high flexibility the tape can be attached over mounting brackets without any extra work.
Material composition
Bitumen tape, adhesive on one side, very flexible
1.5 mm
Temperature resistance
-40 °C
Temperature resistance
80 °C
Working temperature
5 °C
Working temperature
40 °C
300 %
1 year; cool and dry

Processing guideline


The materials used must be free from dust and grease and substrates must be dry and supporting.
OMEGA DB Sealing Tape has the function of sealant and not of a strong connector. Optimum adhesion to the substrate is achieved in combination with BUBI LF Adhesive Primer or with UNI primer.

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Butyl and bitumen tapes have a high inherent weight. The tape must be mechanically secured in case of installation in projecting areas e.g. ceilings, cantilevers and soffit areas, where gravity acts directly on the tape.
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