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OMEGA PoBit Sealing Compound

OMEGA PoBit Sealing Compound
Water-based ready-to use elastomer bitumen sealant for seamless sealing work in window and door area, as second drainage level under window sills, at penetration points and for sealing the base outdoors, as well as masonry waterproofing, in line with standard ÖNORM B 3691 and ÖNORM B 3692. The product is applied using a paintbrush or scraper. Coverage: 1.5 kg / m², depending on thickness of application. Working temperature: from +5 °C.

Available dimensions

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3OMDMS 10 kg

Product data

Field of application

  • in the base area of wooden structures
  • construction waterproofing
  • 2nd water-bearing level below window sills
  • material combinations
  • solid wood elements
  • exterior wall areas
  • penetration points
  • ETAG 005
  • EN 15814


  • permanently elastic
  • one-component
  • free from solvents
  • water-proof
  • seamless and jointless sealing
  • bonds on almost all substrates
  • can be painted and plastered over
  • temperature-resistant
  • uv-resistant
  • flame-proof
A ready to use one-part water based elastic bitumen seal. OMEGA PoBit is particularly suitable for seamless sealing work at critical spots in the window and door areas, as second water-bearing level below window sills, at penetration points and as sealant for bases outdoors. OMEGA PoBit can also be used in the waterproofing of buildings in the relevant areas stated in ÖNORM B 3691 and ÖNORM B 3692. OMEGA PoBit Sealing Compound bonds on many substrates, such as wood, concrete, aerated concrete, metal, plaster, polyester, gypsum materials, pre-treated bitumen sheets and rigid foam sheets (EPX, XPS, PUR).
Material composition
One-component water-based elastomer bitumen sealant
approx. 50 m with 2 mm layer thickness m
Working temperature
5–35 °C
Gross density
1.5 (±0,05) kg/l
Flash-off time
6 hours (touch-dry); completely dry after 4 days
1,5 kg/m² x mm thickness of layer Average coverage for two layers without reinforcement tape 2.2kg/m², with reinforcement tape approx. 3.3kg/m²

Processing guideline