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OMEGA Connection Flange

OMEGA Connection Flange
Seal for window and door elements to floor level in construction. Sealing must be in accordance with ÖNORM B 3691 and/or ÖNORM B 3692 standard.

Available dimensions

Article number Width Length Carton content Inquiry List
3AIRANFL200 200 mm 300 mm 10 Stk

Product data

Field of application

  • bridging of window and building connection joint in the base area
  • floor-to-ceiling window and door elements
  • especially for narrow connection surfaces


  • can be plastered and painted over
  • divided backing strip
  • high adhesive force of the butyl adhesive
  • unevenness in the substrate is compensated by the thick adhesive layer
  • waterproof, stretchable
  • usable at low temperatures
  • sticks to bitumen with spray primer
The OMEGA Connection Flange consists of a butyl adhesive tape with non-woven carrier, which can be plastered and painted over, and an integrated plastic strip for the mechanical fixing of the double-sided connection. It is used for bridging the window/building connection joint in the base area of doors, e.g. balcony/patio doors. The connection flange is necessary in particular with windows/doors with aluminium facing layer, whose free area for the connection of the building seal on the side on the frame is too narrow.
Material composition
Butyl adhesive tape with spun-bonded fabric carrier and integrated plastic strip
0.8 mm
Temperature resistance
-40–100 °C
Working temperature
-5–40 °C
Grey, with white fleece
4 months

Processing guideline